The Runaway Jury – John Grisham

Contributor: Switler

Switler’s Rating: 4.0/5.0

GoodRead’s Rating: 3.85/5

Genre: Legal Thriller


I don’t know if I should be writing this review or not. I also don’t know if I will be able to do justice to this book. To me it’s simple. It is a John Grisham book and that’s all about it. However for all of you who are not his die-hard fans or have never read his work, this is my humble opinion!

‘The Runaway Jury’ is just another Legal-Thriller by John Grisham. However, once you finish it, you will definitely want more! It’s about a tobacco trial – the case of Celeste Wood, the widow of Jacob Wood, who has died from lung cancer after years and years of smoking three packs of Bristols a day. They are up against Pynex, one of the Big Four tobacco companies in the United States. The start is interesting but the story becomes a bit slow when Grisham tries to explain how the Jury functions. This, in a way, is good for those, who otherwise, would not understand what is happening! Gradually it picks up pace! Big four are trying everything to win this case as the stakes are enormous – just one verdict against them and all hell would break loose! This trial is everything but a routine trial! Jurors are being spied on, behaving strangely, and even sequestered. Everyone wants to control the Jury! The point however is, who is able to do it and how? Just when you thought it’s over, is when it takes an interesting turn! While writing some court scenes, Grisham has added subtle humor in such a way that you not only are forced to imagine the events, but you also end up chuckling! Give him 80-90 pages or so to get you hooked, and he will keep you up reading half the night.

Comments: Happy Reading 🙂


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