Day to Day Economics – Satish Y. Deodhar


Book Reviewed: Day to Day EconomicsIIM Ahmedabad Business Books: Day to Day Economics

Author: Satish Y. Deodhar

Contributor: GV King 

GV King’s Rating: 4/5

GoodReads Rating: 4.3/5

Genre: Economics



What is the need to buy one more book on economy? Aren’t the journals that readily present Adam Smith and Amartya Sen enough? Have you ever wondered, why a few businesses prosper well and a few have to struggle even to survive? What is the need to pay taxes? Why RBI uses LAF? What is a bullish or a bearish stock market (How come bulls and bears buy stocks!)? Do we need a WTO? Why the prices of basic necessities like food, education, fuel, and so on are always on a hike? What is the reason for boom and bust in an economy? Why poverty still exists though the governments around the world are racking their brains to disown the word “poor” through welfare schemes and subsidies? If you have these much restless “whys” roaming around in your mind, (I have spared a few “whys” to save my article from being left unread due to its humongous size) Day to Day Economics has soothing answers to all these “whys”.

Until now if you are unaware of the truth that you are the economy, never mind whether you own a wallet or not, then you are the one to grab a copy of Day to Day Economics. To those who have a good command over economics, this book acts as a cementing agent to strengthen your concepts.

Notable Quotes: ‘Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation’   – Milton Friedman