Mrityunjaya – Shivaji Savant

Contributor: Rohit Mishra

Rohit’s Rating: 5.0/5.0

GoodRead’s Rating: 4.6/5

Genre: Indian Mythology


This book will turn you into a  reader! A must read!

Well, who has not heard about the tales of Mahabharata? But when they are told in the way this book does, people tend to listen… and form and change opinions. And for someone who is keen on reading Mahabharata from a third person’s point of view, this book will make Karna the hero of the war- right next to Krishna.

Book is about life and times of Karna- the first of the six sons of Kunti, and how his life changes and perishes for the love he has for others.

What makes this book a Superman in its genre is the way in which every characters predicaments and emotions are carved out. Kunti, Vrishala, Shon, Duryodhana, Krishna and Karna- each one with their flaws and a motivation to do be bad for many so as to be good to very few they love. The book reaches its epicness with the last chapter where the 18 day war is described by the ‘spectator’ Krishna. He takes us through the sequences of the story and brings it to the last few pages where the inevitable is waiting for the reader.

MRITYUNJAYA KARNA… The Death Conqueror, as Krishna used to call him… There is a full 6-8 page description of his looks in his youth – and that is so well described that a guy of any age will go green reading it… and when this guy craves for one thing, you feel bad for him, pity him and even cry- and then you want him to win. Desperately!

Please note that book is not just about him- it has all the characters, beautifully described and playing their parts in the story, but as the pages turn and book reaches its end, Karna is the only person you wanna talk and debate about. You want to know what happened after everything ended. Somehow, it is impossible to believe that he didn’t get his worth! I wasn’t ready to accept it, at-least…!!